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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dogs Work Magic on Kids with Autism

Dogs have always been considered as man's best friend. Well, just recently, they showed just how indispensable they are. They now help kids with a variety of issues, from mobility problems to seizures.

According to Karen Shirk, owner of the nonprofit 4 Paws for Ability, the dogs work like magic. "I knew [autistic children] connected to animals," she remembers. "I knew that service dogs would be able to help."

"The biggest problem that's faced by families that have children with autism is isolation. They actually quit going out because they can't keep their child safe," says Shirk.

Shirk's service dogs are taught a variety of methods to help keep kids with autism safe. Since many children tend to wander away and get lost, 4 Paws uses a technique called "tethering," where the kids are tethered to their dogs while in public.

As she puts it, "for our children with autism, their dog might be the only friend that they have."


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