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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Candia overgrowth treatment - effective Autism treatment

Candia overgrowth treatment

A common symptom of many autistic children is gastric upset or problems with elimination. In these cases, candida levels are un- commonly high in their digestive tract and it is surmised that potentially the acetylaldehydes released during both the death and birth of candida organisms interferes with brain development and function. The primary reason behind candida infection is use of antibiotics often in response to inner ear infection in the young. It also contributes dramatically to food allergies due to an increased incidence of permeable gut syndrome which is a side effect of Candida infection. This condition affects the integrity of the intestinal gut wall which in turn allows inappropriate molecules such half digested foods and bacteria into the bloodstream eventually setting off an allergic reaction.

A strict candida program including probiotics and strict dietary measures along with the use of fungicides such as oregano oil, caprylic acid, grapefruit seed extract to name but a few can rapidly bring the candida colony down to an acceptable level.

Food intolerances sensitivities receiving their due respect as possible contributors to autism as a direct result of observed improve behaviours at removing certain food items from the diet. Is also been noted by researchers that abnormal peptides in the urine of autistic individuals is a much more common place circumstance than previously thought.
Is this as a direct result of dysbiosis, resulting in permeable gut syndrome due to candida infection?


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