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Monday, October 13, 2008

Device helps parents of autistic children who may wander off

Care Trak caters to parents with a tracking device for their children who are prone to "bolt and run." Care Trak, which grew from its parent company, Wildlife Materials, that makes animal tracking systems, sells a portable, electronic device so parents can find their children if they run off.

We have thousands of autistic kids running off every year leaving their parents in a panic. Thanks to this tracker, we have have parents assured that they know where the kids are going.

"Care Trak focuses on serving these parents and caregivers of autistic kids," said Mike Chylewski, Care Trak's vice president of operations.
"Because autistic kids have limited or no fear of danger and have a high tolerance for pain, parents are understandably frantic to find their child. Care Trak is a source of action and calm in what is otherwise a frightening and urgent situation."


  • ION Kids makes a similar device ...

    By Blogger FieldingHurst, at 6:07 AM  

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