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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dennis Leary Takes Aim At Autistic Children In New Book

In his new book, Dennis Leary has really sparked a lot of hatred. I really think that he has been very insensitive about certain issues especially when he targeted autistic kids and their parents.

According to Leary, "There is a huge boom in autism right now because inattentive mothers and competitive dads want an explanation for why their dumb-a** kids can't compete academically, so they throw money into the happy laps of shrinks . . . to get back diagnoses that help explain away the deficiencies of their junior morons," Leary reportedly wrote. "I don't give a [bleep] what these crackerjack whack jobs tell you - yer kid is NOT autistic. He's just stupid. Or lazy. Or both."

In response to the "Rescue Me" star's literary assertion, the Autism Society of America issued a statement to

"Autism is a complex neruodevelopmental medical condition that requires early identification and lifelong treatment. For Mr. Leary to suggest that families or doctors conspire to falsely diagnose autism is ridiculous," the statement read. "Mr. Leary's remarks reflect the same misconceptions of autism being caused by bad or unemotional parenting that were held over 50 years ago, misconceptions that have been completely disproven by the scientific community"

It's possible Leary's comments could draw the ire of more than just the Autism Society of America. Several of his fellow celebrities are parents of autistic children, including Jenny McCarthy, Toni Braxton and Sylvester Stallone.

However, autistic kids weren't the only people Leary slammed in his book - he also took exception with the likes of Paul McCartney, Heather Mills, Hillary Clinton and Dr. Phil, among others, according to The Post.

"[He says] such thick and exasperating things as, 'Everybody has their own personal Ground Zero.' Oh, really?" Leary writes of Dr. Phil. "Does that mean someday two large speeding planes will crash into the side of your insipid hairless head? Let's hope so."


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