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Sunday, November 16, 2008

4,000 turn out for annual autism walk

For Autism Speaks, a group concerned with autism awareness, the past few years have been bittersweet. Awareness is up, but so too are the numbers of children diagnosed. As the autism community grows, so do the challenges of raising money for research, passing legislation to protect families, and helping create a culture more sensitive to the challenges autistic children and their families face.

This past Sunday, the community walked. All 4,000 of them, all the way to Angel Stadium in Anaheim, then marched into the stadium and around the playing field. They celebrated their children and cheered for each other.

The walk was definitely successful and made a record setting feat by raising $325,000. It was also a show of love and care for everybody present and the feeling should linger for a while. Next up is to improve on this year's walk for next year.

Anybody up for some walking?


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